System and Software Requirements

Waterloo LEARN courses are designed to function in a variety of operating systems and web browsers. While courses generally function well in many computer configurations, the following are formally supported and tested.


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Email Address

You must keep your email address updated online via WatIAM. Please read the University’s Official Student Email Address statement.

Internet Speed

Internet access required. High speed strongly recommended.

Zip Software

Many courses contain access to content that will require you to unzip files onto your computer.

iOS / Flash

Please note: while many courses contain Flash content, this material is not accessible on an iOS device.


Sound card with speakers or headphones. Many courses contain audio which require headphones or speakers.

Online Courses

Access to high speed Internet is required.
Some online courses have additional requirements.
Check the CEL Find a Course page for your course and read the Additional System Requirements section.


Required settings for Waterloo LEARN, as provided by the vendor, Desire2Learn:

JavaScript is enabled
Java script is NOT enabled. Please enable JavaScript (or upgrade your browser)


Browser Support

Desktop Support

Supported Browser Version(s)
Latest version of: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari

Tablet and Mobile Support

Device Operating System Browser Supported Browser Version(s)
Android Android 4 Android Latest
Apple iOS® 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 Safari Latest
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Internet Explorer 11
Blackberry (mobile only) Blackberry 7, 10 Blackberry Latest