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Course Features


Our online courses offer a quality learning experience, convenience, and flexibility and are delivered through our online course management system LEARN. Using this supportive, user-friendly course environment you can:                       

  • Interact with a variety of rich learning materials including visuals, audio, multimedia, and links to Internet resources;
  • Interact with instructors and classmates at times that are convenient for you; and
  • Navigate course content at your own pace, from anywhere, while completing scheduled activities and assignments by established dates.

Course Details

Course Components


While our courses share a common look and feel, each course may contain various features such as course announcements, resource links, a gradebook, assignment drop boxes, and/or discussion boards.


In addition to these course features, most online lectures include audio recorded by University instructors with accompanying notes, graphics, or videos.


With every course, you'll find a schedule outlining course work including readings, online quizzes or tests, and assignment expectations.


  • textbooks and/or course readings (available for you to purchase from the Waterloo Bookstore via the Bookstore's online ordering system)

Course Sample Pages

The thumbnail pictures are samples of some of the pages you may see in your online course. Please click on each thumbnail to view a larger version of the sample.


Welcome Page Course Schedule Table of Contents
Welcome Page Course Schedule Sample Table of Contents
Discussion Board 1  Discussion Board 2  Sample Assignment
Discussion Board sample 1 Discusison Board sample 2 Sample Assignment
Lecture Sample 1 Lecture Sample 2 Quizzes
Lecture Sample One Lecture Sample 2 Quiz Sample


Time Commitment

On average, you can expect to spend 10-12 hours per week, per course. This includes time for reading course materials, listening to and watching lectures, completing assignments, and participating in online discussion, if required.


The amount of time you spend interacting with your instructor or classmates really depends on the course. In most courses, students interact with their instructor and classmates through online discussion boards and email. Course Announcements are another way that your instructor or the Centre for Extended Learning might communicate with you. Your course instructor will communicate specific requirements and expectations.


Some courses include online group activities and/or online group discussions that may require more frequent online interaction. If your course uses online group discussions, you will interact with your group members asynchronously (not at a fixed time) via an online discussion forum when working on a project.  Other courses may involve more independent work.


Although you can log on to the online course management system and work through course content at your own pace, your course may have scheduled online activities. In most cases, at least 24-hours are given to access an online quiz. However, in many cases, once you start a quiz, you must complete it in the allotted time. Likewise, assignments have specific due dates and you must submit them by the required date and time.

Computer Requirements


To get started, you should have some experience navigating the Internet, downloading files, attaching files to email, and using word processing software. If any additional experience is required it will be addressed in the course outline.


Before taking one of our courses, you should check your system to make sure it meets our minimum requirements.

Contact Us

Centre for Extended Learning staff are here to answer any questions that you may have about our courses, including those about materials, how they work, and the technical set up required. We're available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST; email; call 519-888-4002.