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Assignments are due on scheduled dates throughout the term. The number of assignments varies from course to course. Refer to your course in LEARN for specific information about assignment due dates and how to submit them.

Include the following information on the first page of your assignment

  1. Full name (or names of participating group members for group assignments)
  2. Student ID number
  3. Course Name and Number (e.g., COURSE 101)
  4. Assignment Number
  5. Date of Submission

Do Not Hand-Write Essays
Most instructors require that essays be word processed. Your essays should be double-spaced to allow for easy insertion of comments. For the same reason, leave at least one-inch margins at the top, bottom, and sides. Course specific style guides and formatting should be followed.

Keep a Copy of Your Assignment
It is important to keep a copy of your work. Although it is rare, assignments can get lost, and having a copy on hand will ensure that you don't have to re-do the work.

Submitting Assignments
Assignments are uploaded into the course learning management system (LEARN). Please refer to your course outline for specific information about how and when to submit your assignments.