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Faculty of Arts Regulations

The Faculty of Arts aims to provide a liberal arts education designed to acquaint you with some of the major ideas and forces that shape our civilization and other civilizations, to develop the ability to think clearly, critically and creatively, and to make a contribution to living a full life.

Please refer to the following sections for further details about the Faculty of Arts Programs and Regulations:

Arts Degrees Available Online

A general BA, Liberal Studies is available for students who wish to take courses in a wide variety of subjects without concentration in a single subject area. This plan is available as a Three-Year (15 unit) or a Four-Year (20 unit) degree.

A general BA, with a major permits a broad education in the humanities, the social sciences, and elective subjects, while providing an opportunity to study a single subject in depth. English, French Studies, Philosophy, and Social Development Studies are offered as Three-Year Majors online.

A four-year general major degree permits more in-depth study in a single subject area and is is available in Social Development Studies.

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Certificates, Diplomas, Specializations, Minors

Certificate in French Language: Level 1 and Level II.

Specialization in Social Work - available to students in the Social Development Studies program.

Minors: a minor in Arts requires the successful completion of eight courses (four academic course units), and is available for both Three-Year and Four-Year degrees.

The following is a list of possible minors that are available to students studying solely online:

For more information about a minor in Arts, including how to apply and requirements, please contact an Arts Advisor. You can email them or call 519-888-4567, ext. 35870

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Arts Subjects Online

Accounting and Financial Management
Arts and Business
Classical Studies
Digital Arts Communication
English as a Second Language
Fine Arts
French Studies*
International Studies
Legal Studies
Native Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies
Religious Studies
Russian and East European Studies
Social Development Studies*
Social Work (including those named SOCWK for a BA with SDS major; SWREN for a BSW; and SWK for an MSW)
Spirituality and Personal Development (SPD)
Women's Studies

*Subjects in which majors are available online.

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Academic Advisors

  • Academic Advisors for Arts
  • For questions and concerns related to course content, contact the course professor or instructor or the departmental secretary.

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Degree Requirements

The Faculty of Arts sets the broad outlines of your Arts education. If you decide to study a subject in greater depth, the department of your major will set the requirements for your chosen discipline.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all requirements for graduation have been met. Any exceptions to graduation requirements must be approved in writing by the Examinations and Standings Committee of the Arts Faculty.

Expectations for students studying via online courses are the same as for those studying on campus.

Please see the following for further information:

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English Language Proficiency Exams

Students enrolled in online education courses only are required to successfully complete the English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) on the completion of 5 courses. Visit the Writing Centre for instructions on how to register for the ELPE.

On campus, the ELPE is written at various times during the term in the Physical Activities Centre. Any sudent can choose to write at one of the ELPE on-campus sessions.

Students who do not pass the ELPE should seek remedial help. The Waterloo Writing Centre can provide assistance.

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Major (Plan) Requirements

Students who decide to study a subject in greater depth must complete the requirements specified by the department of their chosen major, as well as other requirements outlined in the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements. Degree requirements are subject to change from one academic year to another. Students must follow the degree requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar of the year in which they were admitted.

ENGLISH - Three-Year General English Language and Literature

Note that we cannot guarantee the delivery of enough English courses to complete the Four-Year General English Language and Literature degree entirely through online education. Email the English Department for information.

FRENCH - Three-Year General French

LIBERAL STUDIES - Three- or Four-Year General Arts Liberal Studies

Students with interests in a variety of disciplines may choose an individual course of study rather than major in a single discipline.

PHILOSOPHY - Three-Year General Philosophy

Those who are not available to take courses on campus during the daytime will not be considered for admission to the Psychology major.

Continuing Psychology Majors
If you are a continuing Psychology major, please refer to the degree requirement check lists on the Psychology Undergraduate website.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT STUDIES - Three- or Four-Year General Social Development Studies

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